The Daily Routine Of A Modern Dog Owner

Thanks to tough times at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic – and the long periods of time spent at home – our pets have become even bigger parts of the family.

This is why people are spending more on their pampered pets than ever before. According to the 2019 figures from the UK’s Office for National Statistics, a whopping £6.9 million was spent on pet care and accessories in that year alone! 

How does this generosity and the new normal affect the daily routine of a modern pet owner?

Sticking to the timetable

According to the Dogs Trust, some four-legged friends have been seriously freaked out by the fact their owners are around for more of the day.

However, contemporary pet owners tend to be better tuned in to their animals. They understand the importance of keeping to a set routine. Even when the world seems Topsy Turvey, conscious owners still do walks, feeding, and pet playtime on cue, including leaving time for their much-loved creature to rest quietly during the day.

Training and mental stimulation

The increased emphasis on protecting mental health in humans has crossed over into the pet world. As a result, more owners build mental stimulation into their pet routines. This will explain why they invest heavily in things for pets to chew, climb on, chase, drag around the room or generally explore.

Many pet owners now also appreciate that training exercises can be fun for them and their beloved animals. For example, working on recall gives a dog more opportunities for off-lead exercise. It can also be deeply satisfying when you get your canine pal charging back to you with a grin from ear to ear!

Ethical pet food and accessories

Another human trend that has spread to the world of pets is a passion to be more sustainable and ethical in their daily routines. This includes:

  • Adopting rescue animals
  • Buying purer, organic food for pets, with genuine health benefits
  • Finding eco-friendly dog toys (Wild Thought has a range of eco-friendly dog toys to choose from).
  • Getting biodegradable poo bags and cat litter
  • Selecting beauty products and other items for humans which are not tested on animals

Pampering pets

Have you noticed how many dogs now wear smart coats, warm romper suits and gadgets and gizmos such as collars with lights and trackers? This too is all part of the modern pet owner’s growing devotion to their animal’s welfare.

Though let’s be honest here, there are altruistic reasons to dress your pet up as part of your daily routine. There is nothing cuter than a happy pet playing in a fun costume. Plus, slipping outdoor apparel on a dog before walkies can mean only having a coat to wash, not a reluctant canine!

The daily routine of a modern pet owner comes down to appreciating that a happy animal means a happy human. There really is nothing quite like evening cuddles and play with a devoted pet to help humans to relax.

Tim Hanson (39)

Contributing writer at Preferable Pups!