All About Grooming Your Doodle

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Becoming a Doodle owner can be the happiest years of your life, but along with increased love, your responsibilities will also increase as grooming Doodle dogs is a task you should be up for. Here you will find all about grooming your Doodle. You can find more information about the same on We Love Doodles.

Doddle Hair Type:

Soft and Curly:

This coat type is relatively non-shedding as the shed coat hair does not drop out of the outer coat to end up on the floor. The curly hair traps the hair, which is why you need to keep brushing your dog’s coat to avoid tangling or matting.

Harsh and Curly:

This is usually the common Poodle coat type which is non-shedding and easy to style and groom.

Double Coated:

This coat is similar to what Golden Retriever has, a coarser outer coat and soft undercoat for insulation from heat and cold. This type of coat is prone to heavy shedding twice a year. 

Myths About Doodle Grooming:

  1. Doodle Do Not Shed:

Doodles are mixes of two breeds that shed in different ways. Many Doodles only lose their undercoat into their top-coat, so you will not see hair all over your house. However, this coat type is the type that will mat easily without brushing.

  1. Doodles are Hypoallergenic:

No dog really is fully hypoallergenic. Some dogs can be considered more hypoallergenic than others based on how they shed which is why Poodles are considered hypoallergenic. 

  1. Doodles are Low Maintenance:

Grooming Doodles can be the toughest, especially if they have soft coat textures that can easily matt, increasing their grooming demands. Matting can be tough to deal with, which only means day-to-day maintenance is needed.

  1. Doodle Need No Grooming until They Reach 1-Year Mark:

Puppies should be introduced to grooming in their initial months after completing their vaccination round. The coat of a Doodle demands attention, and the earlier you start getting your dog accustomed to the grooming process, it will be easier to groom them as they grow. As Doodles need frequent grooming, taking them to professionals every time is tough, but doing it on your own will get tricky if they’re not used to the grooming procedure, which will make them panic or cause stress.

Most Common Issue If Not Groomed:

If you do not groom your Doodle regularly, you will end up with matting of the dog’s coat. Tangles will form along with new hair growth. They meet the existing tangle to further tangle the coat hair, causing the mat. Matting can get painful for your furry friend as it can lead to skin infections and sores. 

How to Groom Doodle:

Matting can be avoided completely if you groom your Doodle often. You need to figure out your dog’s grooming needs and make a schedule that works for you. You can visit a groomer initially to see what exactly works for your dog and then maybe form a schedule of your own and groom your dog at home. Here are a few thumb rules you should follow while grooming your doodle. 

Brush Regularly:

Brushing your Doodle will ensure that matting does not happen. If you skip on this, you may find it hard to remove tangles, and it will be painful for your dog. 

Regular Grooming:

Grooming your pet frequently will curb away any tangling issues and keep their coat neat and clean. If you can do it at home, you should do it every month to not end up with long hair, which is tough to handle.

Professional Grooming:

If you find your Doodles hair is longer than an inch, better to visit a professional groomer to take care of all the knots and shorten the hair. 


Tim Hanson (39)

Contributing writer at Preferable Pups!