We don’t deserve dogs, but we deserve to help them.

Lucky’s Rescue

We’re Lucky’s Rescue., a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) no-kill organization located in Salt Lake City, UT. In 2016, a group of volunteers founded our organization, so we could come together to find homes for animals in need. Since then, we have found homes for over 22,000 pets.


Our mission is to protect animals, to provide a loving and nurturing place where they can get healthy and learn positive behaviors, and then to find loving homes for each one of them. We also work to educate the community on the humane treatment of animals.

What we’ve learned is that, in helping these animals, we are the ones who benefit. As our animals get a second chance at life and find loving homes, they give back that love one-hundred fold. When we put love first, we come together as a community and grow stronger as a society.


We’re delighted that you’d like to help us reach our goal of happy, healthy, well-loved dogs across Utah. Well, across the world, really, but we’ll start here. There are so many ways that you can help; every single volunteer hour and every single donated penny or bag of food goes toward helping the animals that we rescue and care for each and every day.


It’s simple — we wouldn’t be here without our volunteers. They are a fundamental part of the day-to-day operations here at Lucky’s Rescue. And because volunteers are so integral to our operations and to the care of our animals, volunteering requires a serious commitment. Learn about all of the ins and outs of volunteering on our volunteer page here: