Over 650,000 dogs are euthanized each year unnecessarily!

Together we are changing that!

50,000 Total Dogs Lives Saved Because Of You

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Our 501(c)(3) fights the big fights to end suffering for all dogs and, with your help, we'll achieve the vision behind our name: Lucky's Rescue

Prestigious Award

With only 1% of the top nonprofits receiving the Candid Platinum Award, Lucky's Rescue has been awarded this prestigious award for ensuring all money goes to helping dogs. We are listed as the most transparent non-profit in the United States.

Candid Platinum Transparency 2023
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Save Them, Who Will?

Dog shelters find it easier to put them down than do the hard work it takes to rehabilitate and find new homes. That’s where Lucky’s Rescue comes in.

Our Impact

Over 50,000 Dogs Saved

We remove dogs off the (Code RED List) meaning when they are set to be euthanized, we take them into our rehabilitation facility, adequately train them, and rehab the dog until they are ready for a new home.

When the dog is fully rehabilitated, we place them in vetted and qualified homes to live their best lives. Our screening process for new families requires background checks and a 100-point inspection to ensure they have no animal abuse, and our team gives the new family 100% support throughout the process.

By helping a little, you are saving the dog’s life. We will honor you in our publications, press releases, and on our w

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By giving a little, you save a life in need.

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